Our Mission

To be a company capable of offering the most suitable solutions for the production of light alloy castings on land, completed by mechanical processing according to customer specifications, with an eco-sustainable approach, seeking to meet customer needs and create value for shareholders, employees, and the community, while respecting ethical principles and rules of conduct expressed in this code.


To be at the forefront of innovation in business management by studying materials and production solutions that continually make us a reference point for customers, process designers, and competitors.


– Honesty and Respect: Establishing all internal and external relationships based on honesty and respect for rules and the dignity of individuals.
– Corporate Social Responsibility: Promoting corporate sustainability by implementing measures and behaviors to support the environment, community, and local area.
– Individual Responsibility: Being aware of the value and effects of one’s actions.
– Quality and Innovation: Pursuing excellence by improving products, processes, and skills to promote business success.
– Clarity: Communicating openly, without misunderstandings or manipulations, with the aim of building honest and lasting relationships, both internally and externally.
– Courage: Moral strength that enables us to undertake and face changes, difficulties, and challenges to seize all opportunities.
– Sense of Belonging: Feeling proud to be part of a great team consisting of the company, collaborators, customers, and suppliers.