Currently, it has three melting furnaces, four holding electric furnaces, and an automatic plant (bracket dimensions 700x600x220+220) with a production capacity of 50 brackets/hour, served by a Cartesian axis system for automatic pouring. For special and large-sized castings, FGT has a sand and resin molding department, capable of molding sizes up to 1500x1500x500.


Designs are created based on client specifications and technical directives in synergy with the technical office, equipped to read and convert any type of 2D/3D file through igs, stp, sat, pro/e interfaces for 3D and dwg, dxf for 2D. The design and realization of new equipment is carried out with CAD-CAM technology, allowing work with numerically controlled Machining Centers/mills, favoring greater dimensional precision, shorter delivery times, and more contained prices.


The range of products, made according to customer drawings, is very diversified and includes castings, even complex and sealed ones, in primary and semi-primary light alloys completed with heat treatment, mechanical processing, and surface treatments upon customer request. FGT produces light alloy castings destined for various market sectors, where aluminum components are part of corporate supply. The sectors FGT operates in include: electrical, motor including related accessories, construction, pneumatic, hydraulic, automatic machines, agricultural machines, components for food plants, general mechanics, ceramics, equipment for fuels and industrial liquids.